A Conversation with Madhavi Nawana Parker

15 March 2024

Helping Children with Social Challenges

Last year, St Peter’s Woodlands hosted a parent information evening on childhood anxiety featuring Madhavi Nawana Parker, Director of Positive Minds Australia. Madhavi’s parent evening was so well received by those who attended, that we invited Madhavi back to come and film a series of videos on a range of issues parents of school aged children face. We hope these videos will form a suite of parent resources you will find invaluable.

Madhavi is one of Australia’s leading experts on wellbeing and resilience and it was a pleasure to sit down and have a conversation with her about the challenges of raising resilient children and how we can help our young people thrive. Madhavi is known for her warm, optimistic, and compassionate attitude towards others. She is a passionate supporter of young people, their families, and schools, and as a widely published author, Madhavi’s books and programs are implemented in schools, homes, and allied health care settings around the world.

At SPW, we remain committed to hosting face-to-face events for parents, alongside offering accessible resources that you can access at your own convenience.

We hope you enjoy the full interview below with Madhavi on “Helping Children with Social Challenges” along with a link to more information about our partnership with Positive Minds Australia and additional resources.

Watch this space for more videos.

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